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A Quick Intro to chaiOS

Sometimes, at SCS we like to make our posts short and sweet. With chaiOS, we have a great time to do so. The researcher has already removed his exploit on Github. Apple’s actively working on a fix. The best part, it causes no lasting damage. But researchers report bugs like chaiOS regularly. It’s a common class of bug, and worth knowing.


When sent a webpage link in Messages, the app will generate a preview of the webpage for you. Apple normally allows developers to include some special characters into their webpage. That way, you can customize the preview. Normally, most developers only put in a few of these characters. However, the security researcher Abraham Masri discovered that sending hundreds of thousands of characters would cause issues in Messages. Testers have reported battery issues, crashes, and system reboots. Thankfully, restarting the device and deleting the message thread fully fixes the issue. Apple has already started on a fix, and Abraham has taken the bugged webpage off his Github as a result.

Interestingly, this has happened before, with Effective Power in 2015 and an abuse of the HTML5 History API in 2016. Thankfully, these crashes do not pose a security risk. They only make your day a little worse by forcing you to restart your device.

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