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Getting Ready for GDPR – A Critical Activity Checklist

The implementation deadline for the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is coming soon.  Most of us in the US are probably not yet ready for the potential business impact of the new European data privacy regulation with global reach.  Most of you may not even recognize that your US-based organization will be affected by GDPR.  To find out, visit my earlier blog: GDPR – Applicability for US SMBs.



If you’re still reading, it means you know you must get ready.  We’ve put together a checklist of activities you should use to prepare your organization right now.


If your organization needs help building a data privacy program or implementing technical controls to comply with EU GDPR, contact us today.  We can help.


About Secure Compliance Solutions LLC
Secure Compliance Solutions LLC (SCS) provides a wide range of cybersecurity consulting and managed security services to small and medium sized businesses (SMB) and government agencies, fortifying their Information Security and Data Privacy programs. SCS works with its clients to tailor and implement industry-proven frameworks and standards to meet compliance goals and drive consistent security operations. We raise awareness of current security trends and risks to prepare personnel to recognize and defend against potential security issues. We implement technical solutions and controls to minimize data risks and liabilities. Our Managed Security Service provides “constant watch” against both internal and external cyber threats and attacks. At SCS, we promote a strategy of readiness and resilience that facilitates business risk mitigation and enables dynamic response capabilities to keep your business up and running.